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These recipes offer a delicious mix of new and old world flavors. From the kitchens of my mother and grandmother in Transylvania to the new fusion mixes from my home kitchen in Canada. I have been inspired by the fickle tastes of my children ( vegetarian, pescatarian or whichever way the wind may blow) and my desire to become healthier without compromising taste. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Leave me comments and your favorite recipes!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Nagyon finom es egeszseges.

3-4 fej oklomnyi nagysagu cekla
1 kis fej hagyma
2-3 evokanal reszelt torma
Oliva olaj, citromle, so izles szerint

Nagysagtol fuggoen 3-4 nyers ceklat jol megmosunk es meghamozunk. Alma reszelon lereszeljuk. Egy kissebb fej hagymat aprora vagunk es belekeverjuk a ceklaba. Adunk hozza 1-2 evokanal reszelt tormat. Jol osszekeverjuk. Leontjuk oliva olajjal, citromlevel es megsozzuk. Miutan jol osszekeverjuk, megkostoljuk es izles szerint meg adhatunk hozza reszelt tormat, olajat, citromlevet vagy sot.
P.S. en az uzletben kaphato ecetes tormat hasznaltam. NEM majonezest.

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