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These recipes offer a delicious mix of new and old world flavors. From the kitchens of my mother and grandmother in Transylvania to the new fusion mixes from my home kitchen in Canada. I have been inspired by the fickle tastes of my children ( vegetarian, pescatarian or whichever way the wind may blow) and my desire to become healthier without compromising taste. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Leave me comments and your favorite recipes!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Nagyon finom.

5 tojas
5 evokanal cukor
50 dg orolt dio
1 citrom lereszelt heja
1 evokanal kakao
A kakaot a cukorral 100 ml vizben megfozzuk. Miutan a cukor elolvadt hozzaadjuk a diot es jol osszekavarjuk. Miutan a massza kihulthozzakeverjuk a tojasok sargajat, a citromhejat a tojasok kemenyre vert habjat es 1 evokanal prezlit. Forro sutoben megsutjuk. Mikor kihult kettevagjuk es a kovetkezo kremmet tesszuk bele:
20 dg vaj
6 evokanal cukor
2 evokanal kakao
2 tojassargaja
A cukrot felfozzuk a kakaoval egy keves vizben amig megvastagodik (egy kispohar hidegvizbe cseppentve a csepp egybe marad, nem megy szet). Mikor kihult hozzaadjuk a tojassargat es lassan a vajat es pici rum esszencet.

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